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Safer cars with brake and clutch repairs

Regular clutch and brake checks are critical to ensure that your vehicle is safe to be on the road. We provide reliable clutch and brake servicing work - including replacements from Autocare.


Over the past 27 years, we have helped countless car owners maintain their vehicle. From regular brake checks to clutch repairs, you can rely on us to maintain your car. No matter the model or make of your car, you are sure to receive the highest quality service at our garages in Ware, Graveley and Cheshunt.


Our staff are highly experienced and attentive mechanics who have the expertise to rectify all your car problems. We also offer professional advice on how to maintain your car in the future.

Get in touch with Autocare for excellent brake repairs and clutch cable replacements for your car. Call us on

Ware: 01920 465 951

 Graveley: 01462 685 466

Cheshunt: 01992 638 811

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Spare parts and thorough repairs

Excellent part replacement and fitting services

• Brake repairs and cable replacements

• Clutch cable replacements

• Spare parts for all prevalent car models

• Quick repairs and part re-fitting services


Wide range of parts available

Autocare provides a wide range of spare parts for all your car part replacement requirements. We make sure that our stocks are quality checked and ready for immediate use. You can trust us to provide reliable parts, including brake and clutch cables, every time.


Excellent results ensured, every time

Our trusted team of garage mechanics have earned an excellent reputation in delivering enhanced car performance repairs every time. From brake repairs to tyre replacements and other servicing work, you can rely on us to help in improving your cars performance. Contact us today.

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