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Tyre replacements and quick tyre repairs

Have your car tyres become worn out due to years of use? It is advisable that you change them immediately to ensure safe driving. At Autocare, we provide an extensive range of top-quality and durable tyres from reliable suppliers.


No matter the make or model of your car, you can rest assured that we have the right tyre model at our garage. All our tyre products provide excellent grip and are available to you at very competitive prices.


Once we locate the appropriate tyre model for your car, the tyres are fitted using state-of-the-art tyre fitment equipment. With thorough fitment and accurate wheel alignment, you can trust us to have your car on the road with expertly fitted, durable tyres.

If you are looking for excellent tyre replacements with an extensive range of tyres to choose from, get in touch with Autocare.

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Durable tyres for safer cars

Safer cars on the road

Why rely on us for your tyre replacements?

• Extensive range of tyre models available

• Sourced from reliable tyre suppliers

• Tyres models with excellent traction and extended durability

• Accurate tyre fitment services, including alignment

• Quick fitment services and reasonably priced tyres


Easily accessible garages

Autocare is a reputable garage established over 27 years ago. Over the years, we have expanded and made ourselves accessible to a larger number of car owners. You can now visit us at any of our 3 garages in Ware, Graveley or Cheshunt.


Complete car care for you

Whether you are looking for general car servicing, engine repairs or tyre replacements - you can rely on us to get your car running smoothly again. Contact us today for reliable tyre fitment and replacement services today.

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